Monday, 8 February 2010

Lord Ashcroft - Who The F'k Cares?

'Google' 'Lord Ashcroft tax' which returns 41,600, or 'Lord Ashcroft Blogs' which returns 34,600 and one does have to wonder: so what?

Personally, I could not care if Ashcroft paid tax in Mars, because the amount is infinitesimal - in the nature of numbers - when considering Britain's debt problems. Whatever line of work anyone is in, it is not the amount of tax that he/she pays that matters but the amount of revenue brought into the country, by the nature of that work, that counts.

What would be more informative and worthwhile would be were the left-wing press and blogosphere to concentrate on, and press politicians on, questions such as: when will a credible plan (with figures) be presented to show how Britain recovers from the horrendous debt problem that it has? When will politicians be forced to publish figures and reasons that show it worthwhile to continue membership of the EU?  When will politicians admit that their first duty is to their constituents and that their second duty is to their country? When will politicians deny their party their allegiance over that which is owed to constituent and country? When will politicians devise a plan whereby they are judged, in the event of misdemeanour, not by their own kind nor those dependent on the public purse for their salaries, but are judged by those that provide the funds for their lifestyles? When will politicians devise policies that return, to the people, the power that politicians have 'stolen'? When will politicians devise policies that are wanted, nay demanded, by the people? When will politicians accept that those who break society's rules are not entitled to the benefits of the society they so obviously spurn? When will politicians accept, and legislate accordingly, that Britain is a Christian country, that we have our own way of life and traditions, and that those coming here accept that or don't bother coming in the first place?

Just a few more thoughts for our elite...............that is, the profession odure that is, politely, termed politicians.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed to the second bit.

As to non-dom taxation, I think this is a red herring, it cannot be beyond the wit of mankind to devise a system where everybody pays the same amount of tax on their UK source income or property, to wit one flat-rate tax on UK source income and one flat-rate tax on UK land and property and all the bits and pieces like CGT or IHT can go out of the window.

I see no reason for anybody to pay tax in the UK on income from overseas, it's up to other countries to design their own tax systems. The only wrinkle is UK income diverted overseas and then diverted back to the UK, but that can be sorted out with withholding taxes.