Friday, 12 February 2010

Oh Lord, Not Another Cameron Promise

David, 'Cast-Iron', Cameron has travelled all the way to Perth to speak to the Scottish Conservative faithful - hell of a distance to travel just to spout even more rubbish!

Almost immediately, in his speech, discussing Alex Salmond, Scotland and devolution he makes a promise that he "will be a Prime Minister who works tirelessly for the whole of the UK." The trouble is, Dave, we are drowning in broken promises and don't need any new ones! He goes 'big' on devolution and says "And I will also work to make the devolution settlement stronger. It should be natural for us to want devolution to work......because devolution should be central to our whole political approach.". Of course you do Dave, because that would allow the rest of the EU's regionalisation plan and Westminster's closure or conversion to the London Regional assembly. We also know how enthralled you are with the EU - admit it!

Discussing how to mend our broken society Cameron says "How we live, how we bring up our children, how we look after our old, how we live together in our cities, towns and villages – how we behave towards each other, this is what defines us as a society.....". Firstly, can we decide that, locally and not have it imposed on us by central government, masquerading as you? Secondly, is it not our choice how we, as the United Kingdom, live and not have that imposed on us by unelected and unaccountable b'crats in another country?

Another section in Cameron's speech is worth noting, if only for its parody content. "How Labour  can look the people of this country in the eye today and say they are the party of progress – the party for the many not the few – I simply do not know." Well Dave, how you and your party can present yourself to the electorate as a Conservative Party, I simply do not know!

Discussing the need of his party to change Cameron says "It’s not about our party; it’s about our country." Again, no, Dave, it has always been about your party and to hell with the country! If Dave really cared about his country he would not be content that so many of its laws were made elsewhere!

Yup, hell of a way to go to spout rubbish!

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