Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oh Yeah?

According to Conservative Home, they have "just completed the most authoritative survey so far of the political views of the next generation of Tory MPs. 144 of our candidates in the 220 most winnable seats completed a confidential survey...". The .pdf containing the details can be accessed from the Conservative Home link.

On the question of the European Union this survey purportedly showed that these candidates were "overwhelmingly Eurosceptic", according to this article (reason 9) by Tim Mongomerie. Accessing the .pdf shows this breakdown:

"Which of these statements comes closest to your view?

The next Conservative Government should retain Britain's current relationship with the European Union as it is but cede no further powers to the EU - 10%

The next Conservative Government should seek to repatriate powers in some areas from the  European Union to Westminster - 47%

The next Conservative Government should seek a fundamental renegotiation of Britain's membership of the European Union - 38%

The next Conservative Government should seek wholesale withdrawal from the European Union - 5%"

Which powers exactly, and in which areas, would these candidates seek to repatriate? What constitutues a fundamental renegotiation of Britain's membership? The only 'overwhelmingly Eurosceptic' candidates are the 5 per cent who want withdrawal!

Come on Tim, less of the spin - please?

One only has to look at those Conservative candidates that have replied to the Albion Alliance, details on their candidate data base which can be accessed through the link given, to show that they all are disciples of Cameron, illustrated by their virtually word-perfect replies; replies that can only have been crafted by CCHQ!

It is the type of patronising response that has been supplied by those Conservative candidates, to what was a very serious question, that serves to keep politics in the gutter in which it now resides!

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subrosa said...

Agree with you it's a fix WFW. I certainly don't believe only 5% want to leave the EU and only 38% want renegotiation.

Mind you the question doesn't detail 'renegotiation'.