Thursday, 4 February 2010

Self-Serving Politics

David Cameron, writing a comment piece in todays Daily Telegraph, makes a number of assertions and in so doing fails to make his argument.

Discussing that a general election provides people with the ability to remove tired and discredited governments begs the question that if it is right for the people to decide on who 'governs' them, then surely it is right for the people to be given a refererendum on whether we wish to opt out of a system whereby we are 'governed' by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Arguing that people don't want a new voting system, that they want change across our political system and the way its run, the people who run it, where power lies and how much it costs, yet again Cameron fails to differentiate between Westminster and Brussels. He compounds this by saying that people are fed up of feeling Parliament is a 'powerless poodle'. The fact that Parliament only originates approximately 20 percent of our laws and implements the remainder which originate from Brussels only underlines the fact that Parliament is in fact a 'powerless poodle'. 

Cameron continues by also asserting that people are fed up with the idea that politicians cannot change things and that power is always being drained away from them. Politicians can change things and could begin by repealing the European Communities Act 1972, unfortunately their leaders will not 'allow' such a move. Power will continue to drain away whilst the European Union can, as and when it so decides, assume 'competence' for any particular area.

While the public allow and accept politicians writing such twaddle as this piece by Cameron only shows that they, the public - like Europhile politicians - have their heads stuck 'where the sun don't shine'!

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