Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another Conservative 'Non-Policy'?

Reuters reports that the Conservative Party is 'wary of EU defence co-operation' and quotes Liam Fox, their Defence spokesman, saying "We will look at provisions like permanent structured cooperation and the European Defence Agency (EDA) closely if we form the next government, to determine if we see any value in Britain's participation" and "America would remain Britain's leading global strategic partner under a Conservative government and NATO its preferred security alliance."

Against that reported statement we then turn to this statement, reported in Open Europe's press summary, by Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. He is quoted as saying "The Lisbon Treaty opened a new chapter…Lisbon is not the end but, rather, the beginning. For instance, the Treaty outlines a common security and defence policy. The German Government wants to advance along this path. The long-term goal is the establishment of a European army under full parliamentary control."(my emphasis)

Bear in mind also that when Gordon Brown announced Ashtons appointment as EU Foreign Minister - or as the EU has it, High Representative of Poo Land - he said "she's now our (Ed. the EU's) voice in what he described as "the global Europe of the future."

It is, of course, necessary to remind ourselves of David Cameron's words in his now infamous 'U-Turn' speech when he said ".....we will not rush into some massive Euro-bust-up."

If you take the words of Liam Fox and those of Guido Westerwelle, then the Conservative Party is sure rushing into a massive 'Euro-bust-up'! But hey, since when did the words of a Conservative Shadow Front Bench politician mean anything?


The Boiling Frog said...

Cameron seems to give the impression that he thinks if he keeps his head down, the Europe issue will go away.

Unfortunately for him there's now a growing list of issues waiting that will require a bust up in Britain's interests; immigration, protecting the city from damaging regulation, the EDA as you point out, prisoner voting rights (not part of the EU I know), the European Public Prosecutor - it's endless.

As the Tories have said they don't want a bust up, we can only come to the obvious conclusion.

subrosa said...

I'm really p'd off by the attitude of the tories about the EU. They want the best of both worlds and they can't have it.

If they'd make a decision then perhaps voters would know where to put their cross. Cameron can't ride on the back of Brown towards May and expect to gain the No 10 settee.

Witterings From Witney said...

TBF, Care to email me through my blog please, would welcome a chat.

SR, Not half as p'd off as us English!