Friday, 12 February 2010

For Heaven's Sake!

The problem with our democracy is illustrated by an article on the Blue Blog, by Sir George Young, who prattles on about the reforms needed in the House of Commons. All he is discussing is the internal working practices of the House, in other words how their 'club' should conduct its affairs.

When will some politician, other than Carswell, start asking questions about politicians putting party before country? It is all very well the Conservative Party now selecting candidates in primaries, but they are still imposing selected candidate lists from which to choose. They talk about devolution of power, yet still retain central government control over funding.

To be fair, this post is not just about the Conservative Party as the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are just as guilty in ignoring their electorate. Politicians of those three parties will still not discuss basic questions of democracy, such as who actually governs us.

Until they abandon the present 'democratic dictatorship' attitude, to which they are all wedded, they will never regain the trust of the electorate!

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