Friday, 5 February 2010

BBC 'Welshes' On Impartiality

The BBC is reporting that agreement has been reached for a referendum in Wales to "enable the assembly to make laws in areas it already has responsibility for without seeking the approval of the UK parliament".

And England?  Not a mention in the report whatsoever! Surely if Wales is to be allowed further devolved powers, should not local authorities also be allowed devolved powers?

Of course, this idea would never be 'allowed' as that would infringe on the EU's desire to regionalise the United Kingdom. Under the 'NUTS' plan Wales and Scotland are but two regions, out of 12, into which the UK has been 'split', thus allowing regional 'government' direct from Brussels.

Cynicism it may be, conspiracy theory it may be, but one is haunted by the often quoted words of Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet: "Europe's nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation." and you can bet your last remaining un-devalued pound (yet) that an economic argument will be used to see this lates idea through!

Not one of Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat leaders will allow discussion, or a referendum, on our membership of the EU (and in the case of the Liberal Democrats, regardless of what their candidates say about a referendum - see candidate responses on the Albion Alliance website). As a result the wish of those of us, who are 'politically aware', that the electorate should 'wake-up' is a folorn wish, because they will never be given the opportunity to learn the truth!

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