Friday, 5 February 2010

Democracy & Constitutional 'Violin Playing'

It has been apparent, for some time now, that the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, has been attempting to bring onto the Statute Book a new Bill of Rights; something for which that closet socialist David Cameron also wishes. Ignoring the fact that we already have a Bill of Rights, one that has stood us in good stead for over three hundred years, Straw and Cameron have to propose this as it is the only way that our system of justice, based on habeas corpus, can be replaced with the continental - and therefore EU - system of corpus jurus.

For this to happen, two other pieces of the jigsaw need to be put in place. The old Bill of Rights has to be challenged in court, and public opinion turned against it in such a way that a new Bill is 'suggested' by our 'political elite' in order that 'justice may be seen to be served'.

Continuing the argument put forward in my previous post that, cynic I am, conspiracy theorist I may be, allow me to profer the following scenario.

Those MPs, charged today, use the 1869 Bill of Rights to defend themselves, claiming parliamentary privilege.   They win their case, resulting in those MPs getting away with theft, which results in public anger being whipped up in the media leading to a 'general call' for the present Bill of Rights to be repealed and a new one to replace it.

Now we reach the cycnicism, or conspiracy theory -

One can argue that the expenses scandal has been a set-up from start to finish and has been used to diminish the standing of MPs as part of the regionalisation plan. Add on to this the decision that the prosecution of MPs was, as a result of the trial decision, unfair and we have a situation which will suit  the 'plan' of Jack Straw and his successors - presumably Cameron - perfectly.The draft which was put out by Straw, about a year ago, is really heavy on responsibility of individual to the state, rather than the present one, which protects the individual from the state and its abuses. Only today we have Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband, writing in the Grauniad and arguing that they will "defend the state". Indeed, Miliband and Alexander talk about "strengthening the power of people in their interaction with the state".  But to do so, they then propose more government. For those of us who do not lead 'sheltered lives' government is not some kind of enabling, empowering force for good.  It is petty, officious, restrictive, bossy - and, above all, incompetent.

What is needed is for the present Bill of Rights to be rigorously enforced, something which has not been allowed up till now, as it will challenge virtually every statute that has been used to strip away our individual and public rights.

This further exercise in 'violin playing' with our constitution is no more than yet more social engineering by this -and their successor - socialist government!

H/T: Ian PJ on Politics whose original thought prompted this post! 

Update: Just seen this:  "Keir Simmons, ITV News' Crime Correspondent, is reporting that none of these MPs were arrested, fingerprinted or had to give DNA samples. One law for them..."

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