Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Brown & A New Constitution

Gordon Brown has been addressing the IPPR and has stated he wishes to draw up a new constitution, to be ready for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015.

This from the prime minister of a party who has done untold damage to the ancient constitution of the United Kingdom over the past 13 years and one has to ask who, but a fool, would entrust them with making further changes?

It is obvious from his speech he believes that the expenses scandal is the sole reason that the pubic have a distrust of politics and politicians. He also believes that only the three party system should be allowed to prosper - witness his statement ".......to those who are tempted by the fringes and the extremes, it is clear that the way we do politics in the future needs to be different from the past."

In his speech he says that change is a matter of choices; he 'prattles on' about devolving power to the people and cites the examples of Wales, Scotland and the Mayor of London as instances where power has been redistributed away from central government. This entire speech is nothing but empty words as politicians can 'devolve' power all they like, but whilst central government controls the purse strings; while central government continue to 'control' and 'dictate' how people should think, act and behave, people will never be free to make their own decisions.

The irony is that Gordon Brown talks about 'empowering the people' yet he has 'signed-up' the country to a system where the people no longer elect the 'government' that makes the law - the European Union. He compounds this error when he says "And if we are to renew the politics of Britain for our times and for the future the agenda must be about change,.......change in how we restore the legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness of parliament.....

There is only one way that the legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness of parliament can be restored and that is to undo every single act that this man has done - and then to ensure that never again can he or his party govern this country!

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Trooper Thompson said...

Shameless, really, after Brown and his fabian pals have systematically dismantled the Constitution of this country.