Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Osborne Gets A 'Stern' Rebuke

George Osborne obviously needs to watch what he says and the manner in which he composes it, if this report is true.

Announcing in a high-profile speech that he was "delighted that Lord Stern has agreed to advise us on the creation of this Green Investment Bank", promptly brought the response from Stern that "I should stress that I am not, and have no plans to be, an adviser to any political party".

The embarrassment of yet another Conservatve policy announcement going 'tits-up' - and there have been a few of those recently (policy announcements, that is!) - begs the question how long his leader will invest in, and can bank on, a politician who seems rather 'green' when it comes to dropping his party in the smelly stuff. Mind you, his leader has not been always able to avoid the smelly stuff either!

While CCHQ have, no doubt, been scratching their heads, wondering how to avoid these self-made gaffes, it may well explain the narrowing of the gap in the polls twixt Conserervative and Labour, which leads onto another interesting question.

Who are these 'voters' that appear to favour one party over another and then change their minds? Do they not see that there is no difference between them? Are they led by the latest BBC News 'reports', which invariably are skewed in Labour's favour? The voters need to remember one simple fact: that when presented with what are supposed to be alternatives - and then not fully investigating all aspects of the choices being offered - an ill-informed choice can bring down all sorts of consequences! Have they not worked out yet that there are more than three parties vying for the unenviable task of rescuing our country from the mess the Labour Party has created?


APL said...

Osborne: "... the creation of this Green Investment Bank"

WTF?, Really WTF is a 'green investment bank'?

These two George & Dave are fast becoming the Laurel & Hardy of the British political scene. They would be much improved if like L&H they were silent too.

Why do they have to jump on the green bandwagon just as the wheels have come right off?

That'd be Zak's malign influence I guess.

WFW: "Who are these 'voters' that appear to favour one party over another and then change their minds?"

That'd be Dave's target constituency, the Green vote.

subrosa said...

It seems to have already gone tits up WFW. Richard North is reporting Stern has no intention of take up any political role.

What is wrong with the tories? They're behaving like children in a playground.

Trooper Thompson said...

The 'Green Investment Bank' sounds like something that Evelyn de Rothschild was pushing years ago. I wonder when it occurred to little Georgie... maybe when he was hanging around the Rothschild estate in Greece.