Saturday, 6 February 2010

Brown To 'Sell' Dover

So reports the News of the World and my first reaction was 'What, down the river?' but on reading the article it does appear that in his desperate effort to raise money, this is - so the NOW reports - true.

For some time now the southern counties of England and the northern areas of France have been included in a new 'cross-border' region of the EU and known as Arc Manche or Trans Manche. This region, in the best of EU traditions, even has its own President who is based in France. The following map gives an idea of what is involved and which areas.


In fact this is but one of five cross-border regions that the EU has planned and a simple diagramatic example follows:

And when one also adds into the mix this report and this joint South East of England Regional Assembly (SEERA) and South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA) report, one can see a 'pattern' developing.

Let us proceed with another 'conspiracy theory'. Could one argue that this 'plan', as reported by the NOW, is but an EU ploy to implement part of its regionalisation plan, whilst at the same time providing Gordon Brown with a 'back-hander' to help solve the self-imposed debt problem that he has? Far-fetched? Let us wait and see!

No doubt we will have politicians (blue variety) mouthing off about 'selling our country', but to be fair Gordon Brown, having given away our country and the ability to govern itself, is only attempting to get his 'Quid Pro Quo'!


Alan said...

Hmmm. Iceland isn't in the EU... yet. But by hook or by crook Brussels wants them in don't they. Perhaps the Icelandinc banking 'crisis' was somewhat stoked by Blighty and the Netherlands to prod them into joining.

Wonder if it's all that nice environmentally friendly geothermal energy and lots of lovely fishes they want their grasping hands on.

Uncle Marvo said...


Bill said...

As another commenter has noted, Iceland is not yet in the EU, although it does have the status of 'Potential Candidate', basically since its economy went belly-up and it decided to apply to join.

Norway, on the other hand, is not an EU member and, unless I've been asleep for a while, has evidenced no desire to even apply to join, far less do so. It is a member-country of the EEA, though.

I think this NotW story is made-up scare-story nonsense; no suprise.