Saturday, 6 February 2010

How Can We Believe What He Says?

David Cameron writes on the Blue Blog, with a video, about 'fixing our broken politics', which he says must be a priority.

In the video Cameron talks about people's despair at this parliament (no David, what we despair about is what is likely to follow); about the fact that parliament speaks about what we, the people, want it to speak about and does what we, the people, want it to do (pity then, David, none of the leaders will allow MPs to debate membership of the EU); that parliament should be a place we, the people, respect (not with the present incumbents); he then proceeds to mention two ideas from 'The Plan' (no acknowledgment of course) and discusses that when debate does take place that MPs do the 'right thing' involving less party-whipping (which makes this story even more of a contradiction of intent).

Hoping that we, the people, will come to believe that parliament cares, that parliament talks about what we want talked about is akin to 'wishing for the moon' under present conditions. Why should the electorate care about an institution that does not '100 per cent govern' this country? Why should we care about who the hell gets elected to parliament, when parliament is no more than an administration centre for EU Directives and Regulations?

Cameron states that on Monday he will be amplifying his views - sounds like another 'fairy story' is going to be presented as 'political intent'!

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