Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Consensus - Or 'Stitch-Up'?

Following the Cameron/Brown spat on PMQs today, when they 'discussed' the question of care for the elderly, this article is extremely interesting. Just as I start I find that Richard North, EU Referendum, has also posted on this story and makes a few observations, thus necessitating my altering the content of my post.

Taking Richard's point that 'talks' to find a consensus on the question of elderly care meant that there had been no public debate between the main three parties, he then continues to ask what will be the next subject on which consensus is sought and suggests immigration, climate change and EU membership.

Whilst it is only too obvious why there has been no public debate on the subjects of immigration, climate change and the EU is due to the fact that all three main parties are beholden to Brussels in those policy areas, there remains the question of why a need for a consensus on care for the elderly is necessary.

Perhaps this is a precursor to a new EU 'initiative' on social care, of which care for the elderly is a part, one that will be presented to us in the near future? It would, of course, allow Gordon Brown - and his possible successor, David Cameron - to trumpet how Britain is leading and influencing EU legislation.

All this may be dismissed by some readers as yet another conspiracy theory - to which I say, wait and see, wait and see.

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