Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Deja Vu On A Time For Choosing

As regular and long-term followers will know I have long been a fan of Ronald Reagan, someone whose speeches rival those of Winston Churchill. In the video below - an old video I admit - compare Reagan's words and apply them to Afghanistan, Brussels, our economic plight.

I would highlight Reagan's words about whether a nation can plan its future itself, or whether it should be left to an 'intellectural elite in a far off distant land' to do that for us.

Reagan maintained that the choice was between left or right and said that, actually that was incorrect, that the choice was up or down. If we in Britain continue with the Lib/Lab/Con acceptance of rule from Brussels, then it is logical to assume - bearing in mind what has happened since 1972 - all that will happen is the down to totalitarianism.

Listen to Reagan's words about 'centralised government', about free men and women referred to as 'the masses', the more the planners plan, the more the planners fail, the reason for 'overheads', his criticism of 'welfare programmes', once a government prgramme is introduced, it never disappears and that a government programme is the nearest thing to eternal life we will see on this earth, he castigates America for following the 'Labour Socialist programme of Britain'.

Forget that this speech was an endoresement of Barry Goldwater because the general message of Reagan's speech is why the British electorate should ignore the message being given us by the Lib/Lab/Con parties! His closing words that 'we have the right to make our own decisions, our own destinies' was never more true than it is today!

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