Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Referendums Of The Government's Choosing

With the news that the Government's proposal was passed with a majority of 178 comes the question why we the people can have a referendum on something we did not ask for, but cannot have a referendum on something we do ask for?

One also has to ask how many of those 'honourable' MPs, who are standing down, have been deselected, are awaiting hearings on 'alleged' criminal charges, voted for the proposal and whether it was morally right that they have the option to vote for a system in which they would not, in future, be taking part?

If ever anything illustrates the 'divide' between the people and politicians, this vote was it!


Anonymous said...

1. Ask don't get, don't ask don't want
2. Almost all have been guilty of moral malfeasance
3. How about the refusal to grant a referendum on whether we wish to hand over our sovereign rights to an unelected European power? Just one bigger example, but there are many more.

This nonsense will continue until the British public wake up to what is happening and vote for someone other than the big three.

Yes GB may get in again but everything has its price

Mrs R said...

Some of those standing down know they can cause mischief for their successors, and it doesn't bother them - and that might be a sad reflection on their character although they do know they can't bind the next government to holding this particular referendum.