Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Expenses Scandal

I leave detailed posting about this subject to others, but unfortunately a sad side-effect is highlighted by James Kirkup in this post.

So these 'important' people cannot be bothered to attend a parliamentary debate? As James Kirkup states (see link) this is not the first occasion that a sitting has been curtailed due to lack of participants. Yet MPs are only too happy to attend the regular PMQs Punch-and-Judy sessions, or when the subject is their expenses!

Can't find anything to talk about lads and lasses? Try the subject of 'democracy'; or who governs this country; or the status of Parliament and MPs coupled with their relevance in the context of our membership of the EU.

Besides having been in a trough of their own making, MPs leave their electorates in another trough - of dispair!

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