Thursday, 4 February 2010

Surrey Heath Borough Council - Mad, Bad Or Sad?

A planning application to build a mosque in Camberley has created all sorts of problems for Surrey Heath Borough Council, a Conservative controlled local authority whose elected councillors comprise 29 Conservative, 2 Labour, 7 Liberal Democrats and 1 Independent.

The planning application was originally refused by Planning Officers as it contravened a number of points in the South East Local Plan and and Surrey Heath's own Local Plan but was then overturned by the planning committee who agreed to the development.

Due to a procedural cock-up the decision has had to be referred to a full meeting of the council which is to be held at a later date. The reasons are explained in this related document and details of the planning application can be viewed here (click on item 5, Planning Application Reports)

What makes this application even more remarkable is that besides being bordered by a listed church, it is also bordered by the grounds of the world famous Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, meaning that it would be overlooked by two tall minarets, 29m high.

Great, so in our fight against Islamic terrorists a Conservative run local authority were prepared to grant permission for a mosque - which it is known Islamic terrorists 'use' - to be built slap-bang next door to a world renowned military officer training establishment.

One has to ask - what were these councillors thinking?


James Higham said...

Them's the ones in charge now.

trencherbone said...

Muslims present major security risks to the West on multiple fronts.

Their primary loyalty is to the 'Ummah' - the global 'kindred' of Muslims, and this trumps and overrides all other loyaties and obligations, including any loyalty to their country of residence and obligation to obey its laws.

Unlike churches, mosques are not places of spirituality, peace and sanctuary. They are quasi-military citadels and centres of subversion, intimidation and terrorism.

Witterings From Witney said...

too bloody true JH and TB!

Only one thing for it - OUT and don't come back!

Witterings From Witney said...

too bloody true JH and TB!

Only one thing for it - OUT and don't come back!