Thursday, 4 February 2010

I Wonder Why

One story which does not appear to have generated much interest is that of the possible merger of the Armed Forces, reported in the Daily Telegraph. In order to lead to the subject of this post, let us digress slightly and highlight another story in the Independent, on which Anna Raccoon posts, and link to that a post from March 2009 by Ian Parker-Joseph. If memory serves me right, I recall IPJ being labelled an idiot, a nutter, even a conspiracy theorist; and yet the idea that the army could be used in instances of 'civil unrest' appears only too near. 

Returning to the subject of a possible armed forces merger, consider the following:

Consolidated Version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) - Article 2.4:
The Union shall have competence, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty on European Union, to define and implement a common foreign and security policy, including the framing of a common defence policy.

How many people know of the existence of the Military Committee of the European Union (EUMC) which was set up under Council Decision 2001/79/CSFP and amongst whose functions is included: the overall concept of crisis management in its military aspects; military aspects relating to political control and to the strategic direction of operations; the risk assessment of potential crises; the military dimension and implications of a crisis situation; the elaboration, assessment and review of objectives and the financial estimation for operations and exercises; 

Consider also the "Initial Long-Term Vision for European Defense Capability and Capacity Needs" which includes Agility: rapidity of reaction, tailorable force packaging and deployability - future joint forces will also need to be agile at the operational, tactical and strategic level

It would seem reasonable to believe that all the above must contribute to factors dictating the make-up of the armed forces and the type of equipment required. In turn that leads one to ask what has been happening 'behind the scenes', what discussions have been held at EU level and, if so, when the hell do we learn about it?

Will I be able to 'do an IPJ' and say: Told You So?

Update: IPJ also posts on this subject.

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