Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Miliband Hyprocasy

A speech to the Press Gallery by David Miliband only serves to illustrate the double standards of those that purport to represent their electorate's views. And watch how this speech will be 'parroted' by the audience, ie the MSM!

"....and we need to make the change in a way which opens up the political system. I actually think the time is ripe for a referendum to refound the whole political system – Commons, Lords, local government, fixed term Parliaments, let’s decide the whole lot together. The public want it. It’s our job to give them the chance to vote for it. A Reset Referendum in the first half of the next Parliament would bring alive our political system."

As the brother of Ed Miliband, which by association also makes David Miliband an idiot, it is not up to him, as a member of the political elite, to decide on what aspects of our democracy we are allowed a choice. If David Miliband wishes to 'refound the whole political system, it is his - and his ilk's - job to give the electorate the chance to vote on the whole political system; then part of that must also be on the question of Britain's membership of the EU and the basic question of who governs this country!

This attitude of David Miliband just serves to illustrate the misconception that MPs have that, whilst elected to 'represent' their constituents - and therefore to represent the majority view of their constituents - they promptly then act as 'elected dictators' and decide policy in accordance with their party's, and their own, wishes!

The only 'party' I feel inclined to join is the one that celebrates their being strung up on the first available - and free, or unoccupied - lamp post!

Afterthought: It is the attitude of David Miliband which makes the Albion Allicance campaign even more relevant!

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