Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Time To Stop Messing About With Time!

In the print edition of the Daily Telegraph (sorry, no link) it appears that Gordon Brown has been 'thinking very carefully' about Britain observing British Summer Time all year round and that the idea was 'worthy of consideration'

Needless to say out pops a pressure group, Brake (another 'registered charity') just like a cuckoo, whose deputy chief executive, Cathy Keeler, urging the prime minister to back his words up with urgent action in order to stop preventable deaths caused by darker evenings in the winter months..

I have to admit to a personal preference on this subject in that I am totally fed up with the way in which this question of retaining Greenwich Mean Time seems to surface every 'second' decade or so. It is about time that politicians kept their 'hands' (big and little) off 'hour' time - it is after all 'hours' as much as theirs. In fact they should wait a 'minute' before arbitrarily deciding this without asking our views. In my aversion to changing our 'time' honoured standard of GMT time-keeping, politicians need to 'watch' out and I give no 'quarter' (to, or past) to those of a different view. A folorn hope I know, but I do so hope that politicians 'face' up to their responsibility to 'clock' the electorates views - something which they fail to do on so many issues.

Politicians need to remember that their tenure in office is 'ticking' away and shortly their may find that tenure resounding to the 'chimes' of rejection. Having said that, the politicans may not consider that is a cause for 'alarm'.


manwiddicombe said...

With the sun rising as late as 8:45am in December in Scotland a permanent shifting of the time forward one hour would move that to 9:45am.

I don't see how having kids go to school in pitch black is safer than having them go home in pitch black, especially as rush hour puts more traffic on the roads in the morning than at the end of the school day.

Oh and here's a link to an online Telegraph article from today that is probably the one you read in the print edition.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks for the link manw, my patience ran out while trying to find it!

Your point is well made!