Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tom Harris Doesn't 'Get It' Either

Tom Harris lays (not physically, verbally) into Caroline Lucas (Green Party) in his post about his appearance with her on The Westminster Hour, discussing climate change.

"The scientific basis for man-made climate change is already overwhelming; why undermine it by making ridiculous claims about the Himilayan glaciers melting in 35 years’ time when you know it not to be the case?" I quite agree with the second part of that quotation, but have to disagree with the first part.

The problem I have - and it is applicable not just to climate-change proponents, but also to politicians - is that when someone has demonstrated that they have lied, the question has to be asked why should anyone believe what they may say afterwards.
Tom Harris also makes another good point when he says "The public have to be persuaded to accept the scientific case for the causes – and cures – of climate change, not scared into accepting it by “facts” which turn out not to be facts at all." As I posted last night, Christopher Booker and Richard North, in their book Scared to Death, have shown time and again that this is the 'practice' of both Conservative and Labour politicians whether the subject has been BSE, smoking, salmonella or Listeria.

Therein lies the distrust of politicians and warmists by the public!

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