Friday, 12 February 2010

You What, Tim?

Tim Montgomerie writes on Conservative Home about the Labour MP for Stroud, David Drew, who is defending a majority of less than 1,000, appearing at a Ukip Gloucestershire Dinner where he gave an impromptu speech. Tim Montgomerie ends his post with the words:

"The only way to ensure Britain's interests are defended in Europe is to vote Conservative". 

Tim Montgomerie is obviously going into the business of being a stand-up comedian! If the Conservative Party truly wished to defend Britain's interests they would not be campaigning, during the forthcoming general election, to remain a member of the European Union. If the Conservative Party truly wished to defend Britain's interests then they would wish to be able to make policy, on any subject, which would then defend that interest - something they cannot do with 'competence' in so many areas having been assumed, or about to be assumed, by the European Union. If the Conservative Party wished to defend Britain's interest then they would ask the people of Britain whether they wished to maintain the status quo, rather than dictating to the British people the subjects on which they be allowed a voice.

The Conservative Party are no longer imbued with confidence about the outcome of the general election and are now using the 'scare tactics' of a hung parliament in the attempt to shore up their vote. What is needed in the next parliament is not just a strong Eurosceptic voice but also a voice for true devolution of power back to the people, power that has been usurped by our politicians over the last few decades - unfortunately, something we will not get with the three main parties!

If the Conservative Party truly believed in defending Britain's interest - and the basic tenets of democracy - they would elect a new leader!


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