Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Conservative 'Lib/Lab/Con' Party

Goodnight Vienna posts on the 'democratic principles' inherent within the Conservative Party when it comes to selection of candidates. She also picks up on William Hague's 'interview' in the Telegraph and in so doing selects some choice quotes from Hague.

"Its between change or ruin". What change Mr. Hague, when there is a consensus between all three main parties on EU membership? When all three have a consensus on the war in Afghanistan, When attempts are made to get consensus on care for the elderly? When all three have a consensus on central government control of the nation's finances? It is indeed a choice of change with those parties that believe in the UK's independence of government, or the ruination of the UK by those who do not, in fact, offer any bloody change at all!

"It will be too late to come back in five years time". Too bloody true! By then the EU will have further imposed more Directives and Regulations on this country - all of which will not be cost-effective, nor in our interests, the latter something all political parties are supposed to defend! In five years time we will be further intergrated into a United States of Europe, and the regionalisational control that being part of the USE will bring.

"For all those who are not sure, for all those who may dabble with a fringe party, who think voting Liberal is a halfway house to change, none of that will work, none of that will help the country". In your opinion, Mr. Hague, in your opinion. Actually, voting Lib/Lab/Con - none of that will work, none of that will help the country. (see first quote and response) Not one of you understand the meaning of democracy! Digressing slightly, one is reminded of an old adage: 'Don't knock it until you have tried it'. Let us try something different Mr. Hague, because it cannot be worse than what is on offer from the Lib/Lab/Con, which is truly frightening!

"We are not going to fight another election on immigration. It would not reflect the nation’s priorities". And just who the hell does Hague think he is that he decides the nation's priorities? Is it not up to the people to decide the nation's priorities? The fact that the Conservative Party is not going to fight another election on immigration is that now, with EU membership the only area of immigration that they can control is that from non-EU countries - they can do nothing to limit the 200,000 a year that are coming here from the EU! On top of that the Conservative Party - in common with the other two - are content for Turkey to join the EU, Turkey with 80million people!

Benedict Brogan, who conducted this 'interview' writes Hague argues that amongst the things on which people can depend on a Conservative government doing is not to cede more powers to the EU. To my knowledge, not one Conservative shadow spokesman, nor Cameron himself, has actually explained what they mean by 'powers'. On the basis that any aspect of a country's ability to decide its own laws, way of life, with whom it trades and how, its traditions, how for example food is sold in its shops, is a 'power' that only a national government has. On the face of it, the next EU Directive or Regulation issued by the EU will be a further transfer of power and should under the 'Cameron Promise', trigger a referendum. No doubt Cameron and the Conservatives will prevaricate and say that is not the type of 'power' they had in mind.

When one considers that If you want to build something, grow something, mince something, scrap something, recycle something, burn something, paint something, bake something, package something, or do a myriad of other things, there is a sheaf of densely-typed regulations just for you, imposed by the EU. We are frequently told by the three main parties that we benefit from our membership of the EU, yet not one of those parties will commission a cost/benefit analysis - something which is, by that unwillingness, both suspicious and telling.

Paraphrasing the old whisky advert: If you want to be vague, call for Hague!

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